The philosophy of the Ranown movies is that "A man should do what a man should do".

 Other maxims are :
  1. A man oughta be able to take care of his woman
  2. A man should have something of his own, something to belong to. To be proud of. (When a man gets half way he ought to have something of his own to belong to and be proud of.)
  3. Some things a man can't ride around. (There's some things a man just can't ride around.)
  4. Where I come from, folks don't have a big to-do when a man acts the way a man's supposed to act.
  5. A man can cross over anytime he has the mind.
  6. Sometimes, through no fault of his own, a man needs some help and it is your duty to step up and help that man.
  7. A man has to look out for a woman who is hooked to a weak man, because a a man should do what a man should do.
  8. Sometimes you got to walk up and take what you want.