Seven Men From Now

Man : "That killing. They ever catch up to them fellas that done it."
Stride : "Two of them."
(One of the men draws, the camera leaves the scene as we hear the gunshots. We next see Ben Stride riding away with two horses.)

Bill Masters : "It just don't seem right to me." "Why a full woman like that would settle for half a man."

Annie :  "You shouldn't blame yourself for what happened."
Stride : "A man oughta be able to take care of his woman."
Annie ; " Like my man? Do you think I love him any less for the way he is?"
Stride : "Yes mam."

Bill Masters : "I was wrong Clete, he wasn't half a man."

Masters : "Sure is a shame me and you having to face it out this way."
Stride : "You could stayed behind that rock."
Masters : "Never could've enjoyed spending this twenty thousand and done you that way sheriff."

Stride : "A man can do that."

The Tall T

Rintoon : "She was scheduled to be an old maid till Willard come along."

Rintoon : "She's as plain as adobe wall."

Bill Jack : "I swear you hit him in mid-air, Chink!"

Chink : "That well's going to be chock full."

Chink : "Hey talker. Why don't you start running for the well and see if you can make it?"

Pat Brennan : "He ain't much."

Usher : "A man should have something of his own, something to belong to. To be proud of."

Usher : "Bust him, Chink."

Usher : "Hey lady, don't you realize what you just got out of?"

Usher : "If you can't see the difference, I ain't going to explain it to you."

Usher : "Well, I sure don't know why I like you, Brennan. You talk back, you act proud when you should be bowing down."

Pat Brennan : "Mrs. Mims, you're a liar. You didn't love him, and never for one minute thought he loved you. That's true, isn't it?"

Pat Brennan : "Sometimes you got to walk up and take what you want."

Pat Brennan : "They come, I'm going to finish this once and for all!"
Doretta : "Why?"
Pat Brennan : "Some things a man can't ride around."

Pat Brennan: "Come on, now. It's gonna be a nice day."

Decision at Sundown

Bart Allison : "I'm glad to hear he's doing so well. When a man's riding high, the ground comes up and hits him a lot harder when he falls."

Sam: "Bart, I think you done a fool thing. After all that searching around, it seems like you would have been satisfiedl to just kill him on sight."
Bart Allison: "Even a rattler gives a warning."

Otis, the Bartender : "Doc, when you have been tending bars as long as I have, you wouldn't expect so much out of the human race."

Bart Allison : "If you marry this man you'll be a widow by sun down."

Bart Allison : "I'm doing this my own way Sam. For three years I've hunted Kimbrough, but he didn't know it. Before I settle with him, I want him to know he's being hunted."

Charles Summerton : "This 'widow by sundown' thing is hardly a happy thought for a girl to have on her mind when she's taking her marriage vows."

Sam : "Bart , I gotta tell you something about Mary. She wasn't the girl you thought she was, and Tate Limbrough, he wasn't the first man..."

Bart Allison : "Where I come from, folks don't have a big to-do when a man acts the way a man's supposed to act. Morley, if you remembered you were a man before Swede and Spanish shot Sam in the back, I'd have joined your celebration."

Doc : "None of us will ever forget the day that Bart Allison spent in Sundown."

Buchanan Rides Alone

Tom Buchanan: "Quite a town."

Lew Agry: We were voted out of a double hanging, Buchanan. Unless you get on that horse and start riding, we'll make up for it with a double bury.

Pecos Hill: Lafe, you and me worked for Lou Agry for nearly a year, and though I don't guess we was ever real buddies, I'm sorry it was me who stopped your clock. You had your good side, Lafe, but you had your bad side, too. Well... like cheatin' at stud and emptying my pockets whenever I got drunk. But I ain't holding these things against you, Lafe. And if you're holding a grudge against me, Lafe, just remember that when it come down to choosing between you and Buchanan here, well, I just had to choose Buchanan on account of he's a West Texan. And like I always say, let bygones be bygones. And I hope you're saying the same wherever you are. Well, so long, Lafe. You died real good.

Lew Agry : Let's take him over to the jailhouse and wait for him to come to. When I hang a man, I like him to know what's going on.

Waldo Peek: All right. Quiet, quiet, everybody! Your trial is about to start. Now Jim here is going to pass among you with a tray and the Judge wants me to have you put all your glasses in that tray... empty! The Judge don't want no more liquored-up opinion like he had in that last trial.

Lew Agry: You don't like this town?
Tom Buchanan: I don't like some of its people.
Lew Agry: Me included?
Tom Buchanan: You especially.
Lew Agry: Oh, you'd like to kill me, maybe?
Tom Buchanan: I'd like to give you what you and your boys gave me.
Lew Agry: Take the law into your own hands, is that it?
Tom Buchanan: No. Just you.

Tom Buchanan: I man oughtn't do a job he don't cotton to, Pecos.

Ride Lonesome

Billy John: Brigade, whatever they're payin' you, its not enough. Not nearly enough.
Ben Brigade: I'd hunt you free.

Ben Brigade: He never shoulda left.
Carrie: You'd have him lose his animals and not go after them.
Ben Brigade: Not talkin' about animals, talkin about you.
Carrie: Me?
Ben Brigade: He left you alone.
Carrie: I can take care of myself.
Ben Brigade: if you were mine, you wouldn't have to.

Mrs. Carrie Lane: You don't seem like the kind that would hunt a man for money.
Ben Brigade: I am.

Ben Brigade: She ain't ugly.

Sam Boone: Brigade? I don't suppose there's any way of getting Billy from you? Aside from going over you?
Ben Brigade: Come and get him.

Ben Brigade: Boone, you said you wanted to start over. I hope so. 'Cause you don't, I'll be the one comes looking to find you.

Frank: That was a long time ago. I almost forgot.
Ben Brigade: A man can do that.

Ben Brigade : Thanks for getting that gun out of my middle.
Sam Boone : I couldn't let him shoot you without a chance.
Ben Brigade : Why? You'd a had Billy.
Sam Boone : Never would've enjoyed being a free man done you that way.

Sam Boone : When a man gets half way he ought to have something of his own to belong to and be proud of.
Ben Brigade : They say that.

Sam Boone : There's some things a man just can't ride around.

Comanche Station

Frank: You want to go to work, do you?
Dobie: Work?
Frank: Making an honest living?
Dobie: Oh, no, I don't think I could do that. I could cowboy some.
Frank: Well, what will that get you? You work yourself to death for somebody and likely they will have to take up a collection to bury you.

Nancy Lowe: If-if you had a woman taken by the Comanche and-and you got her back... how would you feel knowing?
Jefferson Cody: If I loved her, it wouldn't matter.
Nancy Lowe: Wouldn't it?
Jefferson Cody: No ma'am, it wouldn't matter at all.

Dobie: Me and Frank were riding together up Val Verde way. Frank was alone, same as me. And we heard about this fella who was looking for some young guns. We've been with him ever since.
Jefferson Cody: You'll end up on a rope, Dobie. You know that.
Dobie: Yes, sir.
Jefferson Cody: You could break with him.
Dobie: I've thought about that. I've thought about that a lot. Frank says, "A man gets used to a thing."
Jefferson Cody: Dobie, when we get to Lawrenceburg, you can ride with me for a ways. A man gets tired being all the time alone.

Ben Lane: Oh, I admit I've never had much luck when it comes to women. Oh, I've run with a few, but nothing you could call serious. Except maybe that little gal down in Sonora. She said right out that she wanted to marry me. She told everybody... everybody but her husband. Oh, he came within that of doing me with a scatter gun. That taught me a lesson though - always check the brand to make sure you aren't driving another man's stock.

Ben Lane: A lot of money has a way of making a man all greed inside.
Jefferson Cody: Such as?
Ben Lane: It can get him to thinking of doing things he might not otherwise do. You know, it's a long way to Lawrenceburg. It wouldn't surprise me if somebody didn't try to take that woman away from you.
Jefferson Cody: Like you, for instance?
Ben Lane: Like me, in particular.

Dobie: A saddle and a shirt, that's all Frank had. It sure ain't much.
Jefferson Cody: Sure ain't.
Dobie: It wasn't his fault, though.
Jefferson Cody: No?
Dobie: No, he never knew anything but the wild side.
Jefferson Cody: A man can cross over anytime he has the mind.
Dobie: It ain't that easy. It ain't that easy at all.

Jefferson Cody: A man can't be too careful.

Jefferson Cody: Let's just say he had a way with a gun.


Captain John Hayes: My advice to you is to get out of here ... quick.

Mace: Any time Hayes wants to face off with me, he can do it.

Mace: The trouble with you Clay is that you're rich enough to be an honorable man. I can't afford it.

Duggan: And to think this happened in the name of the Confederacy.
Mace: Whether the South wins or loses means nothing to me. Never has.