Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Comanche Station (1960)

Jefferson Cody rescues a woman who is being held captive by the Comanches. There is a big reward for Nancy Lowe, but that is not what Cody is interested in. He has been searching for over ten years for his wife, who has been abducted.
Cody meets up with the villain, Ben Lane. He knew Lane from their time together in the army where Cody testified at Lane's court marshall.
Lane wants to get the reward for bringing Nancy in. He and his partners, Skip and Dobie, travel along with Cody and Nancy, and wait for their opening.
The Indians take care of Skip, so now the bad guys are down to two. As Cody talks to Dobie, Dobie starts to come over to his way of thinking. He is tired of the outlaw way of life. When Lane looks to ambush Cody, Dobie wants no part of it and it gunned down for his trouble.
In the final confrontation Cody guns down Lane and takes Nancy home to her waiting (and blind) husband.
Probably my favorite movie in the cycle.

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